28. November 2016.


Save the date in your bussiness calendar for the most important conference dedicated to networking and communications technologies.

Cisco Connect 2017, 16th edition of the Cisco conference will be held from April 5-7, 2017

23. December 2014.

MEETME agency has been awarded a AA credit rating Certificate of Excellence!

Thanks to excellent results, MEETME agency meet the strict financial criteria for analytical methodology unique for the whole of Europe and gained the right to become the carrier of AA credit rating certificate of excellence.

MEETME agency justified its motto 'When Excellence Matters’

19. August 2013.

Meetme on Terraneo Festival 2013!

MeetME agency has been part of the organization team of Terraneo Festival 2013 as Artist Liaision Management.

Great experience, great bands & music, great people!

14. November 2012.

MeetME agency is listed in the Gold Book of the Best Croatian Managers!

MeetME agency is listed in the first 6% best companies in Republic of Croatia according value added criteria, announced by Poslovna Hrvatska.

With such a successful outcome, MeetME is fulfilled the condition to be included in the GOLD BOOK OF THE BEST CROATIAN MANAGERS.


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